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  • Veishea ends at Iowa State; new traditions will begin with 'thoughtful approach' 
  • Office of Judicial Affairs Update (June 19, 2014)

    Regarding the 12 students charged in connection to the mass disturbance that occurred on April 8-9, 2014:

    • Three cases have been finalized, with one of those still pending an appeal.
      • Each finalized case included sanctions that involve a period of suspension, written apology letters, community service, and financial restitution.
    • Two cases were recently adjudicated and outcomes are forthcoming.
    • Four cases are currently scheduled for adjudication next week.
    • Three cases are in the process of being scheduled.
    • Hearing routes used in adjudication of the cases:
      • Agreed Resolution – 1
      • All-University Judicial Committee (AUJ) hearings – 4 completed; 3 pending
      • Administrative Procedures Act (APA) hearings – 4 pending

No additional students have been charged.