Welcome to ISU Veishea Task Force website.

The 2014 Veishea Task Force has been assigned to study the future of Veishea in the aftermath of the event’s suspension for 2014 and to assess its role and relevance for the future. Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Tom Hill has been appointed to chair this task force. President Leath has charged the task force with:

  1. Assessing the role, relevance and appropriateness of VEISHEA and other university-wide celebrations for the future;
  2. Gaining an understanding of the underlying causes of the 2014 VEISHEA disturbance;
  3. Identifying how the 2014 disturbance was different and/or similar to previous disturbances; and
  4. Developing recommendations regarding the future of VEISHEA and other university-wide celebrations. 

Veishea ends at Iowa State; new traditions will begin with 'thoughtful approach'